Textile Solutions

Textile Project Development

We provide support to designers of projects of all sizes and budgets, in developing textile solutions, in the motorization of curtains and blinds and in the creation of unique pieces for interior architecture projects. This support, which is coordinated with the project management phase, and the use of EU regulated and approved products, ensure quality results.

Our 30 years experience has shown us the subtleties involved in the production of interior design objects and the importance of attention to detail.  Our painstaking work is the key to quality finished designs. 

Mies van der Rohe said “God is in the details.” We ensure that the textile services and solutions that we provide to interior architecture professionals meet aesthetic needs, while being within the price range of each project.

Products and Services

Curtains – Hanging Textiles

Regulation flame retardant fabrics.

Decorative drapes.

Decorative sheer curtains.

Accessories and decorative hardware.

Hanging and opening systems: manual and electric rods, domotic systems, etc…

Maintenance, repair and replacement (coordinated with the hotel management).

Immediate post-sales service and maintenance.

Japanese panels.

Blackout curtains – waterproof, opaque and reflective (100% PES).


Technical curtains


Adjustable wood and aluminum Venetian blinds.

Roman shades with rod.

Black-outs, plastic screens.

Upholstered products

Development of textile furniture projects:


Sofa beds.


Development of textile interior design projects:

Multipurpose spaces.



Lobbies and common areas.

Development of textile customization projects

Custom fabrics and patterns.

Bedding and textile accessories.


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